Aunt Boo and her dolls…

A fairly famous character from 1940s Arkansas. Common post card that may still be in circulation. Found in a thrift market in Siloam Springs, Arkansas.

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I will be back next week. Happy Thanksgiving! Found in a thrift market somewhere in northwest Arkansas.

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T. A. Manning

T. A. Manning 322 The Pike. Long Beach, California.

The AZO stamp box indicates that the postcard was produced between 1904 and 1918. Hard to believe this card is over 100 years old. Found in a thrift market in Prairie Grove, Arkansas.

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American Wapiti or Elk

Currently getting a frame for this old postcard. The scan doesn’t do it justice. A beautiful work of art. No idea of the date but has to be pretty old. I Googled the street and just a remote side road comes up. The funny thing, there is no stamp or postmark. So, it was never sent?

1100-American Wapiti or Elk (Cow Elk). A product of NOBLE, inc. A Rembrant Post Card.

Dear Anita
Well here I am again. At the present time we are headed for a place about 20 miles from Philmont. Where we will spend the night. This morning we went through some of the clift (dwellings) around Mesa Verde. Love (Joy or Jay)

Anita Sullivan
200 Brunswick
Ponca City

Immaculate Conceptioni Grotto

Manufactured by the Carroll Post Card Company (date unknown, guessing 1940s or 1950s), these postcard style photographs were probably sold in a tourist gift shop or what not. The Immaculate Conception Grotto was located on the grounds of St. Angela Academy in Carroll, Iowa. This grotto was built by Father Paul Dobberstein. The Academy would later become Kuemper Catholic High School. When the high school built an addition in 1957, the Immaculate Conception Grotto was dismantled by Father Louis Greving and its stones incorporated into the Grotto of the Redemption in West Bend. Found in a thrift store in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

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