Talking with folks…

Yesterday, I was at a thrift market in Prairie Grove, Arkansas and purchased several old photographs. The lady behind the counter made a comment on the photographs being so interesting and how it is a shame that someone would just throw them out or let them go. I agreed. Being a photographer, I have a love and respect for all things old or documentary. But here was my story that I relayed to her.

Back 6 or 7 year ago, my Father had a stroke and was paralyzed. He had all of the family movies and photographs. Long story short…his second wife abandoned him in a nursing home, faked power of attorney with her lunatic neighbor friend, stole everything he had, claimed he was abusive and then, after his passing, spent the next year trying to have a life insurance claim reversed in her favor. She lost that case. She left the state quickly after (the smartest thing she ever did) and was never seen again. She took everything. All our family memories, keepsakes and such were probably pawned or thrown away. Some people are just fucking evil. Pardon my French but this is a very personal subject for me. I despise borderlines, sociopaths, narcissists, histrionics, psychopaths, liars, thieves…whatever you want to call them. I don’t have any sympathy for these horrible people or those who enable them. And this happens so much in our country now, it is having a irreversible effect on our society as a whole.

So, the next time you see a photograph left in a thrift market…remember, someone probably wanted those keepsakes. Maybe.

Stone Mountain Grocery 1954

Aesthetically, a very good photograph. Focused, rich in tone and contrast. You don’t find many photographs that are this nice. If one looks closely, they will see a small baby doll between the fuel pumps. Found in a thrift market in Springdale, Arkansas. No information provided other than what can be seen on the front. One Dollar for 3.5 gallons of fuel! There seems to be a Stone Mountain “neighborhood” just east of Fayetteville that may have been a township type thing back in the day. Other than that, all that can be found with a search of the internet is – of course – Stone Mountain, Georgia. I’m sure there are hundreds of “Stone Mountains” throughout the country. The world may never know.

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